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     Thirukattalai is 5 km far east from Pudukottai. This is the only temple in Pudukottai which reminds us the ancient Chola's architectural pattern. Sundareswarar Temple was built during Adhitha Cholan's period. The temple has a  shrine and mandap and around that are seven temples for angels. The temple's terrace has images of Thatchinamorrthi, Pitchadamoorthi, Varagan, Vishnu and Brahma.

     It is on the way to Keeranur- Killukottai, a small village with a temple which depicts the Tamilnadu Temple Architecture. It is a very small temple with 8' * 8' shrine with a small terrace over it. The wall of the shrine has no images.It is called by Pudukottai people as "Ottai Koil".

    Kodumbaalur is located from 35kms from Pudukottai in Kudimiyan-Manapparai road. From ancient times, Kodumbaalur is very famous. During Chola period it was said that Rani Mangammal donated this village to his army captain Lakshmi Narasimhaya. So it is called as "Mangammal Chatram". This village has faced many wars in it. In Kodumballur, two temples namely Muvar Koil and Musukundeshwarar Koil adds fame to it.

Muvar Koil
     The Muvar Koil was built by Budhi Vikrama Kesari one who belong to Velir community. The rocks gives the Krandha Scripts of Velirs and also many details about the community. This temple is called as Muvar Koil because Budhi Vikrama Kesari along with his name, added his two wives names, Varagunavaati, Katrallai Piratiyar.  This temple has a shrine of 21' * 21' and its tower is 32 feet tall. There is a common Mahamandap for three temples. The temple has a Nandhi mandap and Balipeedam in it. Also 15 small temples were built around this temple for angels.

Muskundeshwarar Koil
     North of Muvar koil is Musukudeshwarar Koil which belongs to ancient Chola asserts. It was believed that this temple was built by Kunjaramallan during 14th Century. This temple has a shrine and front mandap. There is also a statue of Nandhi which has a length of about 9 feet. This statue resembles the Tanjore Temple Nandhi in its artistical work.

Kudimiyan Malai
    26kms away from Pudukottai is Kudimiyan Malai which has a temple for Siganadhaswamy. During 10 B.C, history tells us that it was called as Thirunalakundram, later on 14th century called as Siganallur and finally by 17th - 18th century called as "Kudimiyanmalai". In Ancient days, this village has a mountain named "Thirunalakundram" which is surrounded by many houses. On the mountain also, there is a Kumaran Temple. Towards the eastern slope of the mountain is the Siganathaswamy Temple.

Kunnandaar Temple
      The Kunnandaar Temple,is located 25 kms from Pudukottai.There are two ways to reach this place, one is take a bus from Pudukottai via Putthambur and other is taking a bus from Keeranur via Killukottai. There is a cavetemple located on a mountain, which has a shrine and small mandap before that. On the top of the mountain is a temple for Subramaniar. This cave temple is called as Kutrandavar Temple. This mandap in front of the cave temple has images of Valampuri Ganesh with Somaskhandar in rock. The cave temples of ancient Pallavas were built behind the shrine of Somaskandar.

Other Important places  
     Sri  Brahadambal Kokarneswar Temple ,  Sri  Santhanatha Swami Temple, Sri  Muthumariamman Temple, Thiruvappoor Sri  Bhuvaneshwari Amman Temple, Adhishtanam, Sri Varadharaja Perumal koil,
Sri Dhandayudhapani Temple,Pudhukulam ( with children's park, garden and boating ),Chittannavasal (Cave paintings),Collector's office( Palace),Govt Museum, Avudayarkoil( statues, and temple), Kunnandarkoil(statues and temple),Thirumayam( Fort).

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